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Your New Floor Covering Workflow:

1. Grinding
We use our state-of-the-art diamond grinder to prepare the floor surface to bond with our base coat material.
2. Base Coat
After grinding and cleaning the floor surface, we apply a thick coat of base material to seal the floor and receive the color chips.
3. Color Chips
Next, we generously apply your selected color combination of vinyl chips to the floor surface.
4. Top Coat
Finally, your floor receives our proprietary top coat to seal the color chips layer and provide the protection it needs for years of future use.
If your floor coating contractor does not perform a moisture test on the installation area FIRST, beware!  Epoxy floor coatings will not adhere to floors with excessive moisture!  The floor coating will fail prematurely.  For your own protection and peace of mind, PLEASE require a moisture test before agreeing to any floor coating purchase.
How is Garage Innovations Different From Other Providers?

Honesty and Integrity

Above all, we are always HONEST and UPFRONT with all information. We are not here to just SELL floor coverings. We are here to educate you and help you decide which floor covering solution is best for you. If our solutions are not PERFECTLY SUITED for your application, we will tell you that, even if it means you might buy nothing from us!

Locally Owned - Oklahoma Strong

Our 20-year track record of local ownership shows our dedication to the Oklahoma markets that we serve. During our time in business, we have seen over 13 competitors come and go. We're still here, and don't plan on going anywhere!

NO Hired Subcontractors!

We do all of our own work. We do not subcontract our installation to others. Our own highly trained team of professionals will be involved in your project from conception to completion. We can tell you exactly how long your job will take, and we will be there when we say we will be there.

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