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Beautify Your Garage With Amazing Epoxy Flooring

By Jennifer Johnson, Garage Innovations - Tulsa

Garage floors can take a beating during their long life. Oils, grease, chemical spills, and dirt can all cause wear and tear on the porous surface of the concrete slab. To prevent permanent damage, many homeowners and businesses are turning to epoxy coatings as their garage flooring. This can leave the concrete covered with a stain resistant surface.

Resin and hardener compounds are mixed to form a liquid that is spread over the floor in several applications. This forms a durable, rigid, plastic coating that is so strong it can be used in industrial environments, but safe enough to use in homeowners' garages. With a bright, professional appearance, the compounds can be tinted or colored, and that can add beauty to an otherwise drab garage floor.

Once the mixture has been applied, the floor is easy to maintain because almost nothing sticks to it. Resistant to gasoline, oil, bleach, and most chemicals, these floor coatings make clean up a breeze. Also heat resistant and nearly water proof, the coating allows heavy cars to move over it with no damage. It can also take quite an impact without cracking or chipping. The epoxy garage flooring is also germ and bacteria resistant, and easy to sanitize.

Longer lasting than almost any other type of flooring, when applied properly it can endure several decades of use without peeling. Adding durability to the concrete, the epoxy requires no mortar or glue to apply. Because it is softer and more forgiving than concrete, many people report it has anti-fatigue benefits as well. If damage does mar the surface, it can easily and quickly be repaired at little cost.

Because there are no seams, the epoxy flooring can add flawless elegance to your garage flooring with bright colors. Or you may choose to add shadows or swirls of colors, or color chip speckles for a confetti-type appearance. Whatever design you choose, let it reflect your personality.

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