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Epoxy Coating Application Process

By Jennifer Johnson, Garage Innovations - Tulsa OK

Are you tired of looking at your dull, cracked, chipped or stained garage flooring? You have probably considered investing in a floor coating, such as an epoxy product. These coatings are highly durable and instantly improve the look and usability of your space. In addition, they are resistant to chemicals, stains, scratching and other damage. However, they do have a very specific application process.

Choose the Coating You Need

Your first step should be choosing the right coating for your needs. Solvent-based coatings are largely unavailable due to today’s VOC regulations, and water-based products are typically used as primers. However, solid epoxy products offer you the best durability and longevity.

Consider any additives, such as non-slip or colors, that you desire. Read the instructions carefully to determine what types of tools you need and how much square footage the product covers. Be sure to purchase enough for two coatings, and don’t forget about the final clear coat.

Prepare Your Floor

Your garage flooring needs adequate preparation. Epoxy coatings adhere to and seal your concrete, but they need something to grab on to. Therefore, you should clean your floor of all oil, dirt and other debris. You should also fill or repair any cracks or chips in the concrete before you begin. Then, it needs to be either acid washed or shot blasted. An experienced installer can help you choose the best option for your floor and help you apply it to ensure your safety. This step actually opens the pores of the concrete so the epoxy can get in and seal it tight.

Apply the Coating

Once your floor is dry, your coating can be applied. Make sure your contractor follows the instructions carefully. Most products require at least two coats, but they need adequate curing time between them. In addition, you may choose to increase the strength of your epoxy with a final clear coat, a third coat of your existing epoxy product or a polyurethane coating.

For a durable, long-lasting, and often guaranteed coating, work with a qualified professional as you repair and prepare your concrete and apply the epoxy to your garage flooring.

For professional installation of a garage floor epoxy coating, contact Garage Innovations in Tulsa or Oklahoma City. Visit our site at at GARAGE INNOVATIONS for complete contact information. Trust our 20 years of service to thousands of other Oklahomans just like you--plus, your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed.

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