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Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Garage Flooring

By Jennifer Johnson, Garage Innovations - Tulsa

You may not put a lot of thought into garage flooring if you simply park your car in the garage and never use it for any other purpose. If you are like most homeowners, though, your garage serves many other functions. Choosing the best floor for the space depends on several factors.


Most garages have a standard concrete base, but the more you use the area, the less functional this option becomes. Concrete is porous and thus becomes more prone to cracks, stains and other irregularities over time. Flooring experts can install an epoxy coating to the existing cement that seals it and protects it from damage. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and epoxy floors can last up to 20 years.


When you look at the price of garage flooring, you may initially balk at the extra cost of an upgrade to a coating or interlocking tiles. However, specialists can assess your needs and offer you the most frugal option that satisfies them. At any rate, an upgrade protects your floors and saves you money in maintenance costs in the long run.


Beautiful flooring isn’t just for businesses that are trying to impress their customers. You deserve a space that reflects your personal style. Another benefit of upgrading your garage floor is that you get to choose your aesthetic. Whether you decide to go with epoxy or interlocking tiles, there are many colors to choose from, and finding the ones you like best can make the time you spend in your garage more enjoyable. Talk to your technician about the specific look you want in your garage.


Choosing the right garage flooring comes down to your needs and what you want in the space. When you compare the long-term cost of an upgrade to the issues that can arise without it, you are likely to be pleasantly surprised at how much bang for your buck you can get. Contact GARAGE INNOVATIONS for expert guidance throughout your flooring project!

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