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Use Epoxy Paint To Protect Your Garage Floor

By Jennifer Johnson, Garage Innovations - Tulsa

There are many ways homeowners try to protect their garage floors. While choices like laminate or stone tiles, aluminum or steel plates and plastic or rubber mats can do an excellent job, these tend to be the more expensive options. For homeowners who need to stay on a budget but want adequate protection for their garage flooring, calling in the professionals to lay an epoxy floor is a perfect solution.

What Epoxy Does

As a resin compound, epoxy creates a strong, durable finish over the garage floor. It is resistant to both stains and chemicals, and it can come in a variety of colors. Homeowners can choose a color, and the resin can also be ordered in a range of finishes. You can choose from a dull finish for a more muted look or go with a glossy to standout and enhance the look of garage flooring

How Epoxy Should Be Applied

Though epoxy is durable, it needs to be applied correctly to achieve optimal results. Preparing the floor takes some work because the resin won’t stick to a dirty surface. Any oil, dirt, paint or gravel on the floor could keep the new epoxy coating from bonding well. All of these materials need to be removed and the floor allowed to thoroughly dry before the epoxy can be applied.

Any old sealer should be removed before any new sealer is applied, and it is important that special attention be paid to any chips or cracks in the floor. A professional team will use a chemical etcher to help open the concrete pores to absorb the resin more efficiently. Your floor is more protected if two coats of epoxy are used. The first coat must completely dry overnight before a second layer is applied.

With a clear top coat as the final layer, your garage flooring can be protected for two years or longer if it sees heavy traffic. A professional epoxy application by GARAGE INNOVATIONS provides a high-quality finish and ensures long-lasting protection.

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